2015 Year in Review

December 2015 – January 2016 

Exhibition  - Processed Views  
Martine Chaisson Gallery
72 Camp Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 
December 5, 2015 – January  30, 2016
Gallery Talk  December 11th    4:30pm
Artists' Walk Through as part of PHOTONOLA programming
introducing 44" Fruit Loops Landscape and Enhanced Varieties,
Jello-toned silver prints and Sugar Geology sculpture

We exhibited this new series at Martine Chaisson Gallery.
Enhanced Varieties is a suite of Jell-O®-toned silver gelatin prints 
reproducing Carleton Watkins’ 1889 photograph,  
Lake George Cling Peaches.

Land barons began advertising in the 1880s, encouraging easterners to invest
and settle in southern California. Carleton Watkins, renowned for capturing
the sublime in nature, was hired to depict the irresistible economic opportunities 
of the region. Despite a desert climate heavily dependent on irrigation, southern
California was marketed as a land of inexhaustible agricultural potential. 
Watkins’ photograph of a crate of peaches illustrates lushness beyond measure 
while overlooking the true costs of cultivation where water is scarce. 
We all know the success of this characteristically American marketing scheme. 
Farmers flocked to this region and with the help of agricultural technology, 
grew a new reality – America’s fruit basket. Today we have come to expect
limitless plenty and limitless choices. We offer you this selection of Peaches 
as an icon of technology improving nature, engineered and marketed to keep 
us expecting more. 
Sugar Geology: Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic 

PHOTONOLA highlights
Over the Moon at PHOTONOLA

December 2, 2015 - Lecture

Presentation to Chicago Women in Photography. 
Discussion and presentation - On Collaboration
Weinberg Gallery, Chicago


November 25, 2015 - Publication on Line

Feature Shoot  Watch Me Grow:  Apocalyptic Photographs 
Expose the Urgent State of Childhood in America  


November 25, 2015 - Exhibition - New Stone Age

We were honored to be included as a part of the opening exhibitions 
of the Herzfeld Center for Photography and New Media at the 
Milwaukee Art Museum. Our series New Stone Age, which is in the 
permanent collection, documents Wisconsin vernacular architecture 
and shared a wall with other explorations of Wisconsin
vernacular architecture including Shimon and Lindemann.


November  2015     Exhibition - 

Barbara's Tourists Out of Bounds

Lishui Festival 2015: Barbara's video: 7 Boats in the Mist
exhibited in 
Tourists Out of Bounds at the Lishui Photography
Festival 2015, 
Lishui, China. This group show of work by eight US
who traveled to Lishui in 2015  records the
disorientations of travel. 
An 8 min looping video chronicling 
a walk along the bridge over the river in Lishui, where hundreds of
photographers came out one foggy dawn 
to photograph seven
traditional fishing boats. (2014).


November 2015  - Studio Practice...of Shipping

Preparing for our solo show at Martine Chaisson Gallery in 
New Orleans during PhotoNOLA.  

Picking up the large print from our great framer Sarah of SB Framing   
Packing up Enhanced Varieties to ship to Martine Chaisson Gallery.


November 2015   Acquisition - Book - Field Notes 

Field Notes, our 2015 Workshop Documentation  companion 
piece to Natural History exhibition acquired by the Yale Center 
for British Art


Publications - Internet Processed Views 

 Processed Views continues to go viral with features in the
Washington Post InSight blog, Mako (Israel), I-Ref (Berlin), 
Smak (Poland), China Travel (China), Centre for Environment 
and Science Gobar Times (India), Haaretz Photo blog (Israel), 
as well as  Feature Shootbuzzfeed, hifructos
Ain't Bad Magazine (US),BBC


September 30 - October 30  

Exhibition - All Things Are Always Changing

Black and White and Read
Cannon Gallery of Art
Western Oregon University
Curated by Robert Tomlinson 


September 2015   Studio Practice

Radical Studio Birthday Celebration for Joel Peter Within
and Ann Geddes - refreshments, prizes, inspiration.
Special thanks to Missy Ziebart and Jon Horvath.


August 7 – October 3, 2015  Exhibition - Field Study

Field Study Exhibition curated by Katherine Ware and Meg Noe
in conjunction with Filter Photography Festival
David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

July 31 – August 15, 2015  Exhibition and Catalogue

 A Lasting Vision: Photographs from the Institute of Design 1970-2001

curated by David Travis  and Barbara Crane
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

Catalogue of an exhibition organized by Anne Neri Kostiner 
and Lewis Kostiner for the Illinois Institute of Technology. 
Edited by Anne Neri Kostiner, includes essays by David Travis, 
John Grimes and Barbara Crane. Also includes personal ID 
experience statements and biological references.



August 15, 2015  - Studio Practice - Alternative

Salt Print Workshop with Mark Osterman
George Eastman House, Rochester NY

August 2015     Acquisition -  

Natural History Portfolio

Yale Center for British Art purchased a selection of 12 cyanotype
portraits gathered in an herbarium-style portfolio, has been acquired
by the Yale Center for British Art.
We are honored to be in this magnificent collection that celebrates
the English traditions of the study of nature.

NH Covers
Natural History acquired by the Yale Museum of British Art

The magical doorway to The Yale Center for British Art during renovation.


May 2015  Exhibition - Lensculture On Line

Processed Views is named a finalist in the LensCulture 
Earth15 Awards.

No matter where in the world we live, we all share the same planet. 
Photography is the most vivid language to convey the complex wonders 
and mysteries of nature. Likewise, it is one of the most powerful means 
to document the harmful effects of human intervention in the 
environment — while also applauding positive actions to preserve our 
fragile ecosystems.

Here are 34 unique points of view inspired by the earth, nature, and 
our shared surroundings. These award-winning photo stories and single 
images were selected by an esteemed panel of international photography 
experts for LensCulture’s Earth Awards 2015.

There are many difficult stories here that are meant to disturb viewers 
and inspire change. You will also discover amazing celebrations of the 
beauty and joy that nature provides. We hope you will look carefully at 
every one of them — we think they are all important works that deserve 
to be seen, shared and discussed around the world.

June – November 2015   Exhibition  - The FENCE

THE FENCESix images from Processed Views will be appearing in 
all four 2015 locations: Boston, Brooklyn, Atlanta and Houston.
THE FENCE is an outdoor photography exhibition series with an annual
audience of more than 3 million visitors.  Over the past 4 years, THE FENCE 
has consistently attracted exceptional work by talented photographers from 
around the world, giving us an opportunity to share these powerful photographic 
narratives with a diverse audience of millions of visitors annually, while 
providing photographers with a truly public platform and unexpected 
career opportunities.

For our 5th edition this year, we’re pleased to announce the addition of a 

$5,000 cash prize for the Jury’s Choice Winner and an additional outdoor 
exhibition venue in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work that fits under 

one or more of our 6 thematic categories: Home, Streets, People, Creatures, 
Nature, and Play.

Once submissions are completed, an international jury of photography 

professionals will be called upon to review and select 40 photographers 
whose submitted work exemplifies the essence of “community” across cultural 
boundaries and geographical lines.

The selected projects will be presented in a series of large-scale, curated, 

outdoor exhibitions across 5 cities in the United States: Brooklyn, Boston, 
Atlanta, Houston, and Santa Fe. 

The Fence Brooklyn 2015
The FENCE Brooklyn/Boston/Atlanta/Houston

 June 26 – August 8, 2015  Exhibition  - 

Milwaukee/Milwaukie Museum at

Pacific Midwest 2.0, INOVA Gallery, Milwaukee WI

The Milwaukee/Milwaukie Museum invited the artists from 
Milwaukee, WI and Miwaukie, OR to visit their respective historical 
societies and respond to what makes history. Lindsay’s installation, 
First White Boy, addresses lost histories with the use of traditional 
ritual garments. The work includes newspaper documentation and 
four christening gowns. The first gown represents Milwaukee’s 
first white boy, based information found on a on brass plaque in the 
Milwaukee Historical Society basement. Two red gowns memorialize 
the unidentified last Menomonee baby and the last unidentified 
Potowami baby before the native tribes’ expulsion. The last gown 
represents the undocumented first white girl born in Milwaukee.

Barbara’s installation Resident Birds of Milwaukee was a Victorian
bell jar covering a pair of miniature cast metal hands nestled in a 
bed of feathers, holding an iPod. A looped recording of birdsong of 
resident birds of the area issued forth from under the bell jar. In 
response to the collection at the Milwaukee County Historical 
Society’s collection of taxidermied birds arranged in lifelike poses 
under bell jars,Ciurej created this sound installation to probe the 
impulse and impossibilities of preservation, capture and containment.    

Exhibiting artists from Milwaukee: l to r: Barbara Ciurej, Jon Horvath, Mark Brautigan, 
Tara Bogart, Kevin Miyazaki, Lindsay Lochman, Naomi Shersty. (not pictured Jason Yi, 
Sonja Thompson)

Watkins Research at the AGS Collection - UWM Library

The American Geographical Survey Western Photograph Collection is housed at the 
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee library. A tressure chest which includes 76 large 
prints by Carleton Watkins. Watkins’ prints firsthand can be viewed firsthand and 
without glassby making an appointment. Working with librarian Susan Peshel, 
we displayed two Watkins mammoth prints as part of the Pacific Midwest 2.0 
show at INOVA gallery.


INSTAGRAM FEED Takeover - Lenscratch

We were invited to take over the Lenscratch instagram feed and split
the frames with images from different corners of the US...Alaska and


May 23 – July 19, 2015  Exhibition -  

Selections from All Things are Always Changing 

Gallery PINK  Janet Elkins studio
149  Harrison Street, Oak Park, IL 60304
invitational exhibit with Barbara Karant and
Faigie Tanner


 May 1– June 21, 2015    

Exhibition - Processed Views & Natural History

The Portrait and Landscape in 

Contemporary Photography  

Brie Castell Gallery
Asheville, North Carolina
May 1– June 21, 2015
opening reception May 1, 2015
group exhibition with Aileen Smithson, Blake Fitch
and Charlie Rubin


May 2015  Studio - A New Project - Enhanced Varieties

We began a new series: Enhanced Varieties toning  silver prints of
Watkins image of Lake George Peaches in 20 kinds of Jell-O,
while researching the history of Jell-O and the rise of marketing
and food trends
 Jell-O toning the silver print of Watkin’s image.


INSTAGRAM FEED takeover - Collect.Give  

April 27-May 3, 2016

We were invited to take over the Instagram feed for Collect.Give. 
Enroute to Asheville, NC, for the show at Brie Castell Gallery, 
we researched Paradise in its many contemporary guises
The Creation Museum, by far the most amazing ...



April 2015 - Publication - images from Processed Views

Oxford American Issue 88, Spring 2015
April 10, 2015
Trash Food  by Chris Offut
A great pairing of Fruit Loops Landscape with a memoir about food
and class in the spring issue of Oxford American.
Add caption


March 26 – April 26, 2015  Exhibition -  

Eat This: A socially conscious food-art exhibit

Gallery 51
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 
North Adams, MA
March 26-April 26
A reception March 26 from 5pm-7pm.
Gallery hours M-F 10 a.m. -6 p.m. 

curated exhibition with Jon Feinstein


2015- Acquisitions - Processed Views Book

Our artists book Processed Views is now in the collections of 
Americana at the Beinecke Library, Yale University; Special Collections,

Golda Meir Library at the University of Wisconsin; 
Indie Photobook Library;
Hellenic Centre for Photography, Athens, Greece.

April 17– May 16, 2015
Processed Views Book - Acquisitions

Processed Views book included in On Landscape #2
Materia Gallery, Rome, Italy

On Landscape #2 Mateia Gallery, Rome
Assistants collating Processed Views books


March 2015   Studio - Stella Critique Group

We continue to meet monthly with our critique group of 
talented women photographers:
Aimee Beaubien
Suzette Bulley Bross
Patty Carroll
Liz Chilsen
Christie DiThomas
Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman
Mary Farmilant
Alice Hargrave
Kate Joyce
Mayumi Lake
Jean Sousa
Peggy Wright

Aimee Beaubien’s studio


February 26, 2015 - Invitation - MoPC Auction 2015

The MoPC Auction 2015  honored, Barbara Crane, photographic 
innovator and educator. Barbara Crane attended Mills College 
completing a BA at NYU in 1950. She received an MS in photography from 
the IIT Institute of Design in 1966. She has had eight retrospective and
over ninety one-person exhibitions. A world-renowned art photographer
and educator, Crane is Professor Emerita from the School of the Art Institute 
of Chicago. An early investigator of repetition and deconstruction, Crane
has explored photography as a vehicle for creative expression for sixty 
years creating a body of conceptually consistent experimental work that 
is included in national and international collections. Crane's publications 
include four major monographs. She received National Endowment for 
the Arts Grants, 1974 & 1988, a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial 
Fellowship, 1979, and two Illinois Arts Council Grants, 1985 & 2001.
Print donation to Museum of Contemporary Photography


Publications - Images from Processed Views

Strant Magazine    [VOL  004; ISS 003] Apetite Not to Scale
”Sustenance aside, we consume to manifest belief and foster personal bias. 

We consume much like a camera produces a photograph, for every input there 
is an output. While the camera might be understood in these terms, 
light as the input and the photograph as output (the camera being a 
finite machine), it does not account for variables of perception, in how we
assign meaning to the output and the infiniteness of perception. 
Perception grows from finite means, which grows understanding into 
practice. The photograph therefore is a function of perception, 
which is to say, it is a fulfillment of the partiality to which we already prescribe."

January 2015   Opportunity for Processed Views

Positivo Diretto, an Italian exhibition design firm, requested our images
 from Processed Views for posters to line the roadway in Lecce, Italy,for the 

delegates meeting for ExpoMilan 2015: Feeding the Planet/Energy for Life.
Although they could not get proper permission from authorities in time
....we loved the idea!