Museum of Advice with LaProsette at Milwaukee's FringeFest

Our fellow artist, performer and LaProsette, Anja Notanja Seiger invited us to provide advice at Milwaukee's first Fringe Fest. We were worked mercilessly, but honored, to be among the 18+ local ADVICE experts on August 27th and 28th noon till 10pm at the Fringe Fest sponsored La Prosette Advice Tent!
Anja shepherded advisors and advisees through two sweltering days and nights of emotional and practical choices, an awesome administrative task...
All of you are invited to type-perform with me at the first ever Milwaukee Fringe Festival, in a giant performance I am calling "Advice." I thought of each of you because you are wise, knowledgeable, goofy and accustomed to working with people as a mentor.  Those qualities are what is needed here.  There will be no stage, your "performance" will consist of one-on-one interactions with clients seeking your advice.  You will specialize in a very specific kind of advice such as "good advice," "bad advice," "animal world advice," "yogic advice," and many more.

Frantically providing Contradictory Advice

Advice Protocol


Come to your assigned station right before your slotted time slot.  I am providing each of you with a stack of paper that will have your type of advice labeled on it and waiting at the spare typewriter table. If you are using one of my typewriters, retrieve one from the designated spare typewriter area.
Using the pen and sticky pad provided write down what kind of advice you are offering and adhere it to your station number sign.
When the chair and table space where you are to type is no longer occupied by the previous person, you may begin.  Set out any props you want for your display and/or business cards you wish to pass out to clients, but that part is optional.
When a client comes up, look at the question that they need an answer for on their passport.  If you cannot read it for some reason, pretend that you know what their problem is and act/write accordingly: you are an expert. 
Do not speak to the client, but do engage them either with eye contact, light physical touch or a ritual of your invention. 
Type your response.  It could be long or short.  On the back write or type “_____ advice by: _______”  Then give it to them.
Be aware of the time and vacate your spot when your shift is done.
Please remember to return your paper and typewriter to the spare area.

If you for any reason need help or to switch your station in the moment of the performance, please ask assistance from one of the volunteers.  Asking Anja anything should be done only out of last resort. 

all of these efforts, and upcoming events were, apparently, well received
People were truly stunned by all this.  We had well over 400 something participants (the exact number is recorded, but all the books are still in my parent's van so I don't know it precisely.  Holy fritters, friends, you CHANGED people's minds, lives and moods.  You are magical people. ...
Dress Rehearsal at the home of Anja Notanja Sieger