December 7 event hosted by De Gray

Writer Anne K. Ream began the discussion with points from her article "Desperately seeking the female ideal"

Listening to stories about women mentors.

De Gray hosted a meeting at the gallery with a discussion led by Anne K. Ream. This energized group of women met as Obama supporters and have continued to come together around issues of interest and activism. After a short presentation by Barbara Ciurej of the work on display, Anne presented points from "Desperately seeking the female ideal". We discussed how older women have acted as mentors in our lives. Encouragement is such a simple, positive force. Surprisingly many of the group had negative stories to relate. This darker side revealed the mixed messages we receive, that youth and good looks are economic currency, how women undermine themselves and each other with competition and comparison. It was a great discussion reminding us that it takes consciousness and kindness to ensure the kind of future we would like to see.

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