Charis Wilson: Pulling Even with Weston

Charis Wilson, model and writer, died on November 20th, aged 95.

"Everything they [Charis Wilson and Edward Weston] did in the 11 burning years they were together was good collaborative work, at least as far as she was concerned. The notion of a muse was nonsense to her, a passive thing. She knew exactly what she was doing"…

The unsung contributions of the collaborator/models who made men's photo careers has always rankled us but The Economist rectifies this in it's tribute to her.

Photo: Charis Wilson, 1937 by Edward Weston

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Milford Marine said...

I'm just a man who likes a great photo ... I'm partial to B&W. Weston had the eye, he already had the gift ... Charis made him better. She was the young, free woman every mature man dreams of. More than just the "girl next door," she was the natural gift that made his natural gift so superb. One plus one in this case made three. This shot of her is bound to arouse men, as I'm sure it did Ed. God bless 'em both.