Dialogues with Michelangelo - questioning authority

Dialogues with Michelangelo (God) from All Things Are Always Changing

Michelangelo has been the authority for the rendering of the human figure for over five hundered years. He had a specific agenda for the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Michelangelo worked with papal advisor Egidio da Viterbo on the ceiling's imagery. da Viterbo's was charged with the justification of the political agenda of Pope Julius II--the creation of a golden age of worldwide Christendom prophesied by Cumean Sibyl. Biblical and ancient Greek imagery would speak with much more authority than contemporary prophets like Savanarola.

from Ross King, Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling

Dialogues with Michelangelo (Cumean Sibyl) from All Things Are Always Changing

Inspired and dismayed by these depictions, we engaged the Sistine Chapel ceiling's Sibyls and Prophets in conversation. These inflated forms of robes with tomes have a visual authority, but we challenge their pomposity. We our own agenda was to find the wisdom and divinity in the body. Our images ask what authority and power are conjured by these gestures and poses in the 21st century?

Dialogues with Michelangelo ( 3 Ignudi) from All Things Are Always Changing

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