The Harvest of Research and Image Serendipity

As we think about our own work, coming across images randomly is a joy and a thought twister.
This season's harvest:

Valeri Belin's goddesses of Body Builders II

Paula Muhr's Females Under Tension explores cultural strategies in the construction of femininity, sexuality and desire, as well as normality.

From Paula Muhr's work Double Flower artist statement: “Studies on Hysteria”, published together with Freud in 1895, Joseph Breuer called hysterics "the flowers of mankind, as sterile, no doubt, but as beautiful as double flowers”.

Julie Cockburn's silly and graphic and crafted figurative and portrait work.

Lindsey Beal's Ambrotypes, Figure 1, 2010

Kate Gilmore's glorious disaster performances - Pace Performance

Frank Kozik's smoking Mao Mouse - a new take on the idea of the bust of patriarch -- from imprint blog

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