China Bound

Fifteen portraits from Natural History (and Barbara) will be heading to the Lishui Photo Festival in  Zhejiang Province, China from November 4-10, 2013. Curated by Yan Li of High Noon Culture and Art Corp. and Blue Mitchell, the show "Unconventional Photography" includes works by these outstanding unconventional photographers:
Jim Leisy "American Scientist"
S. Gayle Stevens  "Allegory"
Clay Lipsky  "Exposed"
Fritz Leidtke "Astra Velum"
Heidi Kirkpatrick "Lost and Found"
Ryan Zoghlin "Aerotones"
Bill Vaccaro "The Things She Left Behind"
Kim Kauffman "Confluence"
Jennifer B. Husdson "Medic"
Susan Kae Grant  "Theatrical Realms of the Whimsical and Tragic"
It ought to be an adventure traveling with these visionaries.


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