Dialogues with Michelangelo: Latitude

Barb has begun making drum scans at Latitude, choosing papers and researching bindings for Dialogues with Michelangelo -- the book. We were delighted to hear that our Filter Photography Festival friend, James Pepper Kelly, has been engaged as Executive Director.


LATITUDE provides advanced digital media equipment and a professional production space for established and emerging artists. The workflow and space was backed and built by Black Point Editions, a master print lab that has pushed the boundaries of pigment printing and digital workflow since 2004. LATITUDE supports continual work with Blackpoint’s roster of artists at the same level of custom printing so beloved by the art community in the past while also supporting a much wider swath of artists through full DIY printing, scanning, a wide format service bureau, classes, critiques, group meetings, portfolio reviews, and so much more. We are building a long-term home for the photo community in Chicago.

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