At Long Last...a Vision of Post-1970 ID

“This exhibition captures the breadth, emergence of new traditions, and exploration of new technologies in ID’s photography program during its final three decades. It offers a glimpse into the preoccupations and innovations of students who went onto exhibit, teach, and contribute to modern photography.” —Dean Patrick Whitney,
IIT Institute of Design

We are thrilled to be included in this show as alumni of the Institute of Design and to have the ID recognized for the strong and creative work produced after 1970.

 A Lasting Vision: Photographs from the Institute of Design 1970-2001. This two-week photography exhibition in Crown Hall will showcase the work of ID alumni who graduated between 1970-2001. The show is being co-curated by John Grimes (M.S. PHOT ’74) and Barbara Crane (M.S. PHOT ’66); advised by David Travis; and organized by Anne Neri Kostiner and Lewis S. Kostiner (M.S. PHOT ’74). A catalog will accompany the exhibit.

The exhibition will run from July 31 – August 14. Weekday hours: 9-6pm. Saturday: 10-3pm.

The opening on July 31 was a historic gathering:

 The moment before the Decisive Moment: Alums of ID at the opening of A Lasting Vision: Photographs from the Institute of Design 1970-2001. (photo re-posted from Lynn Sloan's FB feed)
l to r: Bob Drea in back, Glenn Hansen, Russell Phillips,  David Travis, Patty Carroll, David Rathbun, Mark Kristof, Barbara Crane, the back of Jessica Rowe, Irene Siegel, Louis Kostiner, Lynn Sloan, John Grimes, Mati Maldre,
Charles B. Reynolds, Anne Neri Kostiner, Barbara Ciurej, Alan Cohen,  and Elaine O'Neil on the end.  Missing: Lindsay Lochman

John and Barbara Grimes
Barbara and David Rathbun

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