Vessels - All Things are Always Changing

Vessels from All Things Are Always Changing

When we began photographing ourselves and other women in 2003, we noticed that we we no longer had the firm flesh of our youth.

While we photographed we wondered about the Greeks, western civilization's authority on the articulation the human form. We began asking questions and looking for answers about Greek sculpture and philosophy, art history, representation, beauty.....We agree with Linda Nochlin:

"Nothing, I think , is more interesting, more poignant, and more difficult to seize, than the intersection of the self and history. Where does biography end and history begin? How does one's own memories and experiences relate to what is written in the history books? Can one complain of distortion in historical writing when, inevitably, with the passage of time, our own memories of events and experiences become confused, filmy or uncertain? "

from Representing Women

Our initial photographs became the Vessels section of All Things Are Always Changing.

Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, 447-438 B.C.

When invoking the ancients, we felt it important to know the who, what and when, in order to honor and understand our inspiration:

from Heilbrun Time Line

Archaic period, ca. 700-480 B.C.

Classical period, ca. 480-323 B.C.

Hellenistic period, ca. 323-31 B.C.

Roman Rule, Greek mainland, ca. 146B.C.-330 A.D.

I'd like to call your attention to Greek Art and Visual Thinking, a most informative blog.

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