New Work - Every Day - Eye To Eye

Every Day
December 2 - January 14,2012

Debra Brehmer gave us a delightful opportunity to create new work, consider our collaboration and look at another part of our changing bodies.

For the exhibition, Every Day,  thirteen artists/photographers were invited to shoot images during a single day of their lives. The intention was to escape intent, packaging and ambitions and seek out the mundane. Each artist has been given a two-foot wide by 10-foot high space to present the project. This exhibition also loosely addresses the issues that Giotto brought to image making in the 1400's as he re-staged religious stories down on earth, within real-life settings (rather than against gold-leaf backgrounds in the netherlands of a spiritual world). 

Our collaboration does not involve shooting without intent, so, to legitimize our participation, we tweaked Debra's criteria to address what we do every day that we work together…and that is to make sure we see Eye to Eye on every aspect of our project.

This work was created  on 4 November 2011, at 30,000 feet on the Airtran flight from NYC to Milwaukee.

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